About Us

CSM Bakery Products is the secret ingredient behind many of the country’s most successful retail food operations. Our people offer the insights, expertise and passion that help customers understand consumer needs and establish a unique marketplace position. Through strong partnerships with in-store bakeries, retailers, foodservice operators and distributors, CSM Bakery Products delivers an alluring spectrum of sweet goods and innovative business solutions derived from global expertise.

With a distinguished mosaic of heritage brands including Brill, Multifoods and Henry & Henry, customers can choose from a broad sweet goods portfolio. Highlights include cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, bakery mixes, icings, toppings, fruit and crème fillings, plus laminated dough and pastries.

CSM Bakery Products provides innovative solutions and creates the treats that delight consumers and earn their loyalty every day.

CSM Bakery Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amsterdam-based CSM, the global leader in the bakery products and natural food preservation/green chemicals arenas. CSM operates in 60 locations with over 9,500 employees worldwide. The North American division, Bakery Supplies North America (BSNA), is active in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. The division develops, produces and sells a wide selection of bakery ingredients and products to professional bakeries, top consumer food companies, grocers and retailers.

BSNA is organized into three operating companies organized around customer channel: CSM Bakery Products in Atlanta, Georgia, is focused on Grocery, Retail Stores and Food Service; Caravan Ingredients in Kansas City is focused on ingredients for wholesale bakeries and industrial food manufacturers; and BakeMark USA is focused on distribution. BSNA operates 21 factories in the U.S. and has two production locations in Canada. In addition, BakeMark USA operates 20 distribution centers across the U.S and Canada. The BSNA Operational Companies are led by a divisional organization, located in Kansas City. BSNA has approximately $2.1 billion in revenue and 5,000 employees.